CMS incompatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Android 4.0.4)

Dear Comodo dragons (& humans, if appropriate),

I’ve just successfully installed CMS on my Samsung Galaxy SII GT-I9100 (running Android 4.0.4) but cannot install it to my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8010 (also running Android 4.0.4). When I try to install CMS on the latter device, I receive an incompatibility message.

Will CMS ever be made compatible with the Note 10.1? Hopefully, that will happen soon, as I really appreciate your security products. I used to run ZA on my PC and laptop, but grew increasingly disillusioned as ZA deteriorated to the point of extreme annoyance, after which I converted to the one true faith ;).

Anybody: which security product would you recommend for the Note 10.1?

Rob Stuart
Utrecht, NL

Try Avast Mobile Security it’s the next best bet if CMS does not work for you.

Have you tried side installing it with the apk files. The link is below.


Thats not a solution, since you have to enable ALLOW INSTALLATION OF NON-MARKET APPS (under SECURITY settings) in order to install and update CMS. Enabling installation of non-market apps its considered a risk, even by CMS itself (Health Check).

after you install it you can re-enable it the use of non market apps. The install of non market apps does not need to be permanent. All you need to do is turn it off so you can side install CMS and then turn is back on.


Yeah, but like I said before, every time you need to update CMS it will fail because you have disabled the ‘non market apps’ option and if you install CMS as non market app, then the updates will be considered as such.

Then it is annoying to enable/disable for each update.

You can update software and signatures from within CMS itself. You don’t need the Play Store.
There is no security issue leaving the side install open, as CMS will monitor all apps installed both side and Play Store. (my setup, and I am secure).

If you want make it so applications don’t install without you knowing you can install APP Lock.

This app allows you to lock the install and uninstall as well as the play store without entering a pattern or pin to unlock the app.

This would be a nice feature for Comodo to have in Comodo Mobile Security.


I never said that you cannot update software and signatures from within CMS itself.

What I am saying is that once you get the warning that there is a new update, you hit OK to update.
Then the update package its downloaded within CMS, but when it starts running you receive the warning that you have the NON MARKET APP option enabled. Man! Now you have to go, disable it and start all over again.

If you keep the NON MARKET APP option disabled, CMS will alert you about it when you do a HEALTH SCAN.

So, in resume, installing CMS (for the purpose that serves) outside PLAY STORE its not recommendable for all those annoyances.

I have always installed from the side and updated from within CMS. I have never seen this notice you speak of.
Even updating an app from their own website, I do not get any such notice.
That is with ICS 4.03 and JB 4.1.2.
Could this be phone specific?

That is because you have ENABLED the “Allow installation of non-Market apps” option under:

So you are allowing your device to accept installation of any application located anywhere, not only within Play Store. Thats the reason why you dont get the notice.

But if you do a Health Scan with CMS, you will get the warning saying that UNKNOWN APP INSTALLATION PERMISSION is turned on. According to Comodo and Google, you are not safe.

Maybe it’s worth PMing the Devs as to why the update isn’t making it to the Play Store

Looking at the release schedule of 12 October for 1.4 and 21 November for 1.5 that’s 5 weeks apart and 1.6 whenever that’ll be is probably further away. Turning Unknown Sources on for 5 minutes while installing the CMS program and then disabling it again which CMS reminds you to do when you do the Health Check isn’t that much of a hassle really considering it’s been 3 1/2 months since the last program update.

Avast Mobile Security has a similar issue of having to enable Unknown Sources when it comes to updating it’s Anti-Theft which is a Non-Market App. Agreed that it might be a great addition to CMS if it automated this process for you, and maybe that’s possible in a future version but given the update frequency I don’t see it as a big deal.

Besides, you don’t have to have the Unknown Sources turned on for the regular virus signature updates, that’s simply downloaded over the internet without the need of either Play Store or Unknown Sources enabled.

@Whit384 - You can use CMS’s own built-in App Lock and simply lock “Settings” and “Play Store”. Just remember to remove those as locked items before Uninstalling CMS.



I had, and they only say that it will be fixed. They havent so far.

Thanks Eric, but I definitely dont find it annoying each and every day of the 3 1/2 months you mentioned. However, I do find it annoying at the day or minute I have to do the update, specially when I know its possible to fix it as other users dont have the same hassle. Sadly, I cannot fix it myself.

Have a good night. :wink:

That is because you have ENABLED the "Allow installation of non-Market apps" option under: SETTINGS > SECURITY > DEVICE ADMINISTRATION SECTION > UNKNOWN SOURCES
Under Settings/Security, I do have Unknown Sources Checked, I also have Debug Mode checked under Developer Options. I trust my security. I fail to see how you feel security is compromised. I do not have any unknown apps running on my system. Everything installed is what I want, nothing more. And, I have installed from multiple sources.

If the setting to disable installation of unknown sources is under SECURITY SETTINGS, shouldn’t it be considered as a security concern?

Also, take a look at the image below. CMS says that you are not safe if the “unknown source apps installation” is turned on.

So, yes. I follow the SECURITY recommendation from Google and Comodo.

I think you all havent considered that there are many compromised websites that you can visit and they will AUTOMATICALLY download a malware into your android (could have name such as update.apk or other similar). True that after the download you have to manually run the download app in order to install. Still many users wouldnt know its a malware and they would simply accept to install the app, thinking is an update for example.

With the “unknwon source apps installation” disabled, you wont infect your android because it wont let you install it since the download app is installing from outside Google Play.

If someone wants to install a security app such as CMS, wouldnt be ok to disable some security settings only because “incompatibility” issues such as the one described in the original post. It’s contradictory to disabled a setting in order to install CMS, and then after, CMS will tell you that you have to re-enable that security setting.

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