CMS Icon

The CMS icon is the biggest icon app wise that I have seen which really makes it look ugly. Can you make the app less of an eyesore by making the comodo shield icon smaller.

Personally I like the icon just as it is.
can be seen, identified, found at a glance.
Unique, not like others that are similar.

Your right about it been easily identified! Hmmm small icon, another small icon and then WHOA no way what is this? Is it a bird? It can’t be plane. Nah it’s just CMS! Why so huge why why? It can and is all the things that you said above even if the CMS icon was made smaller.

I don’t know.
I love the fact it currently stands out. Or rather, jumps out at me.

(I know, you just love these discussions with me ;D )

Ha ha ha ha I don’t mind having a chin wag with you honestly. Oh come on just a tiny bit smaller and why not in grayscale like is guidelined by google? Ok maybe I am being a little OTT with the last point but it still stands. AMS beta has a grayscale option but it has it’s own problems. Battery use

On another note I don’t know why it took almost an hour to send me a email saying that I had a reply. Hmmmm