CMS for Blackberry Phone

I take I’m right about saying this is: CMS only works for Android only. And does not have one made for Blackberry ?

If I’m right I will have to look for one to protect my Blackberry.



Look like I will answer my own question :slight_smile: CMS is only for Android. O well.

i would like to have CMS for my BlackBerry Bold 9900 … would be nice if we could use CMS on Blackberry

Yes it would be nice. to have CMS for Blackberry.

Mind you there is hardly any Security for Blackberry on what I seen on a forum by blackberry. It said your more likely get a nasty piece of software on your phone, on which is download from the app world, And without out a good Security software you are not protected.

Cool Phone M.Richter. I have the 9320 Curve



Yes, and so far i know, only this 3 vendors give us a security software for BlackBerry:

  • McAfee
  • Quick Heal
  • NQ Antivirus

^^ But i dont trust.

Would be nice from Comodo to make CMS for BlackBerry too :slight_smile:

Hope we get an answer whether there are some plans for that

I do agree with you.

And I don’t trust those eve .

But I can only guess one day there maybe one.

I not to sure on how much different the coding is from Android to Blackberry even to I-Phone.

But I think I will leave it there. I don’t wish to open a bag of worms if you know what I mean!



P.S. Security software for smartphones is still quite new so I guess CMS will expand to other phones once Android is fully mastered. :slight_smile:

i am not sure too, but par excample:
NQ Antivirus is a Multi-Platform Antivirus

“NQ Mobile is available on Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.”


So it would be nice if CMS could be a Multi-Platfom Security Suite too

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