CMS Firewall and Privacy Advisor doesn't work on Asus Zenfone 5 - Android 4.2.2


Been a faithful user of Comodo Desktop & Mobile Security for long - but it seems the mobile CMS ver. 2.7.4 does not work on Asus Zenfone Android 4.2.2 version - even when rooted.

Screens attached

  1. Privacy Advisor - earlier version had bugs. On re-install / update - the earlier blocks would be gone and either full access as given to apps or ‘ask’ rule applied.
    On Zenfone 5 - on clicking Privacy Advisor - get a message - Advanced protection is not available for this Android version ’
    Screens attached.

  2. Even Firewall doesn’t work - get the following message - ‘failed to get root access’. Even when the device is rooted & Superuser logs show Comodo has full access.
    Screens attached.

In my earlier device - had LBE Privacy guard together with CMS - used to work great together.

Would appreciate some help - should I wait for an update or go for other apps.

Thanks in advance.

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I’m rooted with SuperSU, and CMS Firewall recognizes I have root. Android 4.4.2, both stock and Alliance 5.6 ROM,
SM-G900W8 phone.
As for Privacy Advisor, CMS is not fully compatible with Android 4.4+

I’m rooted with SuperSU too - even log shows full access.

What to do - I’m not inserting my SIM’s in the device till I have privacy/firewall issues sorted out.

Any update in pipe which will resolve this…?

Thanks in advance.