CMS asking for SU permission.

Hey everyone, been using CMS for a little over 2 months with no issues. Recently my phone updated and since then CMS has been asking for Super User permission. My phone was rooted both before and after the recent update.

Here is the info for everything

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon
Version: 4.2.2
Build #: JDQ39.1545VRUAME7
Kernel: 3.4.0-690088 se.infra@S0210-13#1

CMS version: 2.1.285438.45

I have it on deny as CMS is not a root require program.

If anyone has any info, or needs any more info it is greatly appreciated.

It requires root permisson if you want to use firewall.

Also, Privacy Advisor requires root premission.

nothing to fear, if u want to use firewall for block apps internet, use Privacy advisory for protect your data from apps & boot manager for manage startup apps. then u need to give SU