[CMS 3.0 BETA] Notification Bug (RESOLVED)

CMS icon does not appear when “Show system notification” is checked under Settings.


Tablet: Hudl HT7S3 (4.2.2)

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Thanks for valuable feedback. We are working on it


Since re-installing CMS 2.7.4, the same has occured for that version now. I have re-installed 2.7.4 three or four times now but CMS’s notification icon still does not appear :'(. Installing Avast (for testing) displayed it’s icon in the notification area so I don’t think it’s an issue with the Hudl.


The option “Show notifications” under App info (Settings, Apps) for CMS 3.0 (inc. 2.7.4) wasn’t checked. Once this was enabled, the icon appeared in the notification area.