CMS 2 Versions?

Released thread, post by Devs mentions version - 2.0.275481.10

Release thread, page 6, second last post, a user mentioned version updated - 2.0.276884.16

Google Play mentions version - 2.0.278372.33

There is no official mention of updated version in the forum & when checked with CMS i.e Health Check & Check for updates mentions up to date i.e 2.0.275481.10. And also sometimes check for updates gives failed to update (internet was fine at the time of checks)

Any info & anyone can confirm?

I haven’t noticed much difference between the forum and Google Play release apart from the firewall section (new icon design and buttons). There may be other changes but I haven’t noticed them yet. Good to see the update problem is now fixed.


The last update I have (and from Play Store) is 2.0.278372. 33.