CMS 2.7.4 crash on Android 5.0 lollipop

i have update my phone to Android 5.0 Lollipop and i can see CSi crash if i execute a full scan of Phone or checking the health of phone… so CMS are not already compatibible with Android 5.0 Lollipop?

When will be relased an update?


Actually i am using Nexus 5 (5.0.2). CMS 2.7.4 working very well in my device.
Could you share more info about your device? Your AV database? Which version CMS?


Android Lollipop 5.0 Samsung Galaxy S5 CMS 2.7.4 def virus 48

Please clear data first then try again.
How to clear data:
1)Settings->Security->Device Admin->Disabled Comodo Mobile Security
2)Touch application icon and hold it after that move to app info-> press “Clear Data”
3)Re-open application then touch the health check


After doing point 1 the phone was blocked by comodo “this devide are locked please insert password” and all option seems not work. After press many time on send email, put my comodo password without success and send SMS (who was not sended to my devide but to friend devide who asked me what kind of SMS I was sending) the phone are now unlocked.
Point 2 and 3 done with success.

Scan was successful but when i press anti theft for fix it a black screen are showed and after some time the phone return to the comodo Home with the button health status.
Not work, CSI not open anti theft settings…

I don’t know if is Comodo or Lollipo but Comodo mobile are not working very well on my device after the update to Lollipop.

Now i have to set again all security setting because following your guide i have lost all setting of Comodo and problem are not fixxed :slight_smile:

Ok i have setup again alls ettings, if i start a full scan after a wile CMS is stopped and closed. Maybe is a bug of Lollipop? I don’t now. Now CSI in Lollipop in full scan crash

Lollipop would be the culprit. Many apps have to be rewritten to work properly in that firmware.

We are going to keep testing for Samsung S5.
In the other hand please Join our Beta User Group to help us improve better.
We are going to release new version so If you are become Beta User you can get earlier.
“Click Request” Please…


continue to have crash problem and also slow down the phone

Issue tested with the Italian version of Comodo Internet Security for mobile on Android 5.0

External memory are encripted 64 GB by Android.
When the software is installed they scan if there are issue and when press “Processa tutto” the black screen is showed and phone are busy.
I must then close the Comodo and loose all.

Also if i do a full scan after a while program crash.

screen after full virus scan or Health check

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CMS for Android is not updated since Jenuary 2015 and have a lot of problem and issue with Android 5.0

Very sad to see bad comment about many problem in the store and is not ready yet an update.
All Mobile Antivirus of other companies are updated to max a month ago CMS for mobile are not update since Jenuary and have a lot of problem on Android 5.0

We are so sorry about inconvenience.
Actually we are going to release offical version very soon. We have tested with Lollipop for many phones.
We will inform in forum when we release it.


it’s been 3 weeks now 88) 88)
When this coming version to be released?!


We are going to release very soon.
So sory for late.