CMS 2.0: Firewall Suggestion

Within the firewall section, please add an option to either “deny all” or “allow all” connections for wireless and/or 3G. I can understand setting the default to “allow all” so that all apps continue to function as normal but personally, I prefer to disable all first and then choose apps which require access. Also, add some kind of logging/alerting as this would be usefull when set to “deny all” so you can see which apps require access (like Droidwall). Even better, when an app requires access, prompt the user to action (i.e allow for session, always allow or deny).



Allow for session?
An android session is for as long gone as it is not reboot. I would consider not giving that option.

Sounds promising.


This may come in handy, say for testing apps. For example, if I download something that looks usefull, allow access (session) and then decide I don’t like it and uninstall. No need to manually remove rule.


;D No~sounds nothing~