CMS 1.1 in AV-Test

CMS 1.2 is already out with improved detection…

I must say Avast has improved overall quite a lot. Right from the product look, effectiveness, website look, features, ease of use, etc.

Way to go Avast :-TU

How is Avast Mobile Security on Battery Consumption?

I will definitely give a try.

Hi, Siketa/Naren and all our dearest friends,

At first, I together with all our CMS team members thank you so much for your concerns & supports on CMS.

We also felt regret that this time we didn’t outperform for the test, which will make us working harder to progress. However, pls trust us that our hearts go together with CMS users. Beyond AV, we also provide our users other essential features, progress manager, software manager, SMS/Call blocking, privacy protection, Anti-theft feature included. More important, in our coming releases, CMS will have more features, like Backup, Traffic Monitoring, Battery Doctor, which are all in need for our lovely users.

We sincerely hope that you can be touched and continue to give us supports!

Appreciate again for your consideration!

Warmest regards,


Heyy Fanny,

I know the AV will improve, this was the very first version. Thanxx for loads of important features.

Valkyrie is going be implemented in CIS as a Cloud feature & Valkyire is excellent at detecting malware & zeroday malware.

Will there be a Valkyrie version for CMS?

valkyrie can already analyze .apk files which are installers for the andriod.

So is it going to be implemented as Cloud in CMS?

i remember Melih saying cms will use part of valyrie but who knows when valkyrie will be ready

+1 wish the Valkyrie will be in CMS

I don’t for the reason not everyone has unlimited data and using the cloud chews into one’s data plan.
IMHO the cloud is a bad idea for smartphones.

For CMS maybe not, after all it should only contact cloud, when you install a application. maybe less then 2-8 Kb’s per app.

COMODO made the 65%-90% group. The ones rated better are…

Dr. Web
MYAndroid Protection/MYMobile Security
NQ Mobile/NetQin

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I came here, today, expressly to talk about the AV-TEST ratings of freeware Android anti-virus apps… but not the 2012 report. Rather, I was going to mention the one that AV-TEST did in 2011, which found that nearly none of the freeware anti-virus tools for Android were any good; and which found that of them, ZONER was best. Truth is, I didn’t even know, yet, about the 2012 report 'til I saw this thread.

At any rate, because the 2011 report found ZONER to be best, I currently use ZONER (which, interestingly, I had chosen – even though the sweetheart of such tools has always been Lookout – even before I knew anything about the 2011 AV-TEST report). That said, I’m about as strong a supporter of Comodo Internet Security (CIS), for Windows, and several other of its products, too, as anyone alive; and so I’m really excited about Comodo now having an Android product, and I’m really eager to use it…

…but not yet. Knowing Comodo as I do, I’ll wait, thankyouverymuch, 'til the product’s more mature.

And what I came here to write – and I sure hope that Melih and whomever heads-up the Android app’s development group reads this (someone please refer them here) – is that, in my opinion, if Comodo’s very first goal were to essentially replicate the ZONER product’s features (or maybe a sort of amalgum of their combined features), but concentrating, more than anything else, on getting Comodo’s malware detection rate up to what the top-rated paid apps can typically boast, then I believe that Comodo’s Android app both could and would become the favorite of its type of product on the entire Android Market (er… wait… I guess we’re now supposed to call it “Google Play”) almost overnight.

I wouldn’t, at least at first, go crazy trying to distinguish Comodo by unique features. Let the respected Comodo name attract all the people that it’s going to, on its own; and just at least make the product, feature-wise, so that users of Lookout and/or ZONER will not be giving-up features in order to use Comodo; and then forget about features until you bygod get the virus detection rate up so high that EVERYONE notices; so that AV-TEST really raves about how much better is Comodo than all the other freeware tools of its type… including and especially Lookout and ZONER.

Then, and only then, should Comodo circle back to unique features and start adding them…

…some of which features, I’d hope, would include the Android equivalent of the CIS firewall and Defense+. Boy-oh-boy would Comodo’s Android product kick everyone else’s butts if it had not only all of either Lookout’s or Zoner’s basic features, PLUS the best virus detection, PLUS a cool both firewall and HIPS.

YIKES! You’d have literally MILLIONS of downloads and loyal users…

…many of whom would then learn, from it, about CIS and other products.

Never has the word “viral” had more meaning than in the world of Android phones and tablets; and in no other area of emerging technology is Comodo and its security expertise more needed.

If I may make a suggestion: Regarding the whole lost phone thing, one of the things I don’t like about ZONER is that it’s all SMS based. If I could wave a magic wand and give Comodo a suggestion for how to built a top-flight lost phone feature into its new Android anti-virus app, I’d suggest that Comodo’s developers go look at the freeware “Android Lost” web site and app, and just copy it. Seriously. If you look long and hard at all the both free and paid “find my phone” type apps out there, you’ll quickly begin to realize that the guy who wrote the “Android Lost” app has quietly and unassumingly created a completely free “find my phone” type app which can bygod hold its own with the very best of all the others – free or paid – out there! No kidding.

And of the paid “find my phone” type apps out there which I would recommend checking-out (so the Comodo can see how it should be done, and then shamelessly copy), I’d recommend “Cerberus” by LS Droid.

The salient feature of these “find my phone” type apps is the web-based control panel. Lookout realized, from the outset, that people would not want to find their phones by SMS messaging (though being able to so do is also included in what Lookout does, just as it’s also included in Android Lost and Cerebus). But ZONER hasn’t figured it out yet. So, as a consequence, I use ZONER for security, but Android Lost for finding my phone.

I also downloaded and tested Cerberus, and thought, at first, that I was going to go ahead and buy it, but, honestly, Android Lost worked just as well, and offered just as many features. Android Lost’s only downside is its ■■■■-ugly web site… but when trying to find one’s phone, one doesn’t care about such things; and Comodo would do better, in any case.

I also (just so no one thinks I am inordinately biased because I only tested those two), tested all the other big-name, well-known “find my phone” type apps listed in the Android Market (aka “Google Play”). Believe me, feature for feature (and especially dollar for dollar, because it’s free), the “Android Lost” app is pretty much all anyone needs…

…though so many people are using it, now, that I admit it can be a little slow-to-respond when, for example, asking for a GPS location on the phone. That, I admit, is starting to become irritating. But most of the time it’s fast enough.

If Comodo’s antivirus for Android would include a “find my phone” type feature that’s more than just SMS-controlled; that allows a login to a web page for control; and then includes pretty much every single feature of either or both of “Android Lost” or “Cerberus,” then Comodo’s “find my phone” or “anti-theft” feature would be best-of-breed.

Finally, if I had to suggest any other app out there whose features and ways of doing things would fit, nicely, into Comodo’s antivirus app for Android, it would be “ZDBox” by ZDWorks Co, Ltd. Some of ZDBox’s features are already in Comodo’s android app; but if you notice, most of what ZDBox does is a natural for Comodos app. If it also contained much of what’s in ZDBox, plus what’s already there, plus superior malware detection, plus a “find my phone” capability that’s not merely SMS-controlled, but also web-page-controlled, then I don’t see why Comodo’s app wouldn’t be just about the most downloaded app on the Android Market (aka Google Play).

But, hey… that’s just my $.02 worth… which my ex-wife will happily attest is typically ALL it’s worth. [grin]


I’ve moved on to avast! Free Mobile Security ( Free Antivirus App For Android | Avast Mobile Security ) which has a TON of features all the other ones appear to either charge for or do not have.

maybe they could add option to only use cloud when on WiFi. you wouldn’t have constant cloud benifits but if you only use WiFi then the only time you could get infected is when on WiFi, download an attachment from text or usb or Bluetooth. but at least you would have protection from the cloud during the most typical way of getting infected, being online.