CMG and BOCleaner conflict

I have BOCleaner 4.25 installed on my system and it works fine. Then I installed CMG for vista 32-bit system all worked fine tills the system wants to update or I self search for updats for windows. The windows below opens (Protection.jpg).

If I try to update again the following window opens (Optional.jpg).

After this can’t I open some system windows any more(control panel for example). If I uninstall CMG and restart the computer everything works fine again.

I have A DELL XPS 710 with Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit. Avast4! home, BOCleaner, Comodo firewall, Spybot search&destroy, a-squared free installed on my computer.

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CMG’s incompatibility with vista’s genuine validation is a known bug (actually it’s a bug of all security programs that tries to inject anything into validator process), it will be fixed in the CMG’s release with new exclusion list version.