CMF or BOClean Problem (Defense+ Log)

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Hi J2897

You can put all of CFP’s .Exe files in Boclean’s excluder. That’s what I have done.


Even if it does work, I think this is ridiculous. >:(
Why should we users have to tell a comodo program that it can trust other comodo programs? Are the comodo programmers not intelligent enough to solve internal conflicts like this before releasing a product?

Hi Marjin :slight_smile:

You are partly right, but you have to remember that BOClean is not a Comodo product, but a product BOUGHT by Comodo as it is :slight_smile:

Let me tell you a story : With one of the early BETA’s of CMF I had a problem too with BOClean no one else had. So I contacted Tyler Durden ( the CMF guy :slight_smile: ) and he found out what the problem was. He also wrote a customized version of CMF for me that solved the problem. Which other vendor would do that :wink:

Greetz, Red.