cmdmon.sys is causing stop 0x1000008E


I am using CPF ver. and I am experiencing a problem that is connected to cmdmon.sys when my system tries to install updates from MS. the update in particular that triggers this every time is KB894542 Update for MS Publisher 2003. My laptop suddenly bluescreens and restarts while the update is installing. The stop code is 0x1000008e parameter1 c0000005, parameter2 eeabd928, parameter3 ee4ae58c, parameter4 00000000.

I have tried exiting CPF and manually ending cmdagent.exe and ctfmon.exe via task manager before running the update install with the same results.

Please PM me so I can send you the associated dumpfile and the DebugWiz log file taken from it.
I have started a support ticket (#BQT-988036) regarding this issue and attached these files to that.

I truly hope that this issue can be resolved as I REALLY like CPF since this version came out of beta! (the beta gave me a couple problems that were resolved in the final release)

Thank you for the feedback. I have PMed you my email address. Can you please send the dump file to me.



Thanks for the quick response!

Juyst analyzed the dump. A weird issue. Do you use any other security software?

I agree that this is a weird issue! I’m a network/PC/server technician/engineer (:NRD) so believe me, I’ve WAY been through looking at this from all sides before I even brought it to the forum!

I use Ad-Aware SE Personal and Spybot S&D, nothing else. I do not use tea-timer, I do use the Internet Explorer immunity option and the Browser Helper bad download blocker option (also and IE helper) in spybot but these have never been an issue in the past with windowsupdate, which I have set to download and notify.

I also VERY rarely use IE as I prefer Firefox and it’s much more secure (so far, until it becomes mainstream enough to be worth exploiting.)

BTW, for the record, I’m running XPPro SP2, 768MB RAM, Celeron 2.6GHZ.

Ok. We have fixed the BSOD but you should not have received such an exception. Can you try to test your RAM/Harware with to see if there is something wrong with them?


Been there, done that after I read another thread here, passed in both standard and extended mode tests (1 pass in each mode.)

When did we fix the BSOD?

We will issue an update with some reported bugs fixed in a couple of days. This will aso be included in it.


OK, I’ll hold off on trying to apply these updates until then. I assume that this will be pushed out as a regular update and only require me to click on yes and then, since it’s going to be addressing issues this deep I’m guessing it’ll ask for a system restart, right?

Thanks again for your prompt attention to this issue Egemen! VERY impressive support for an otherwise VERY impressive product! (:CLP)


Got the update, installed it, tried to instal the windows updates again, same error (:SAD)

I’m sending you the crashlog report from deebugwiz

Just downloaded and installed the new version of COMODO Firewall Pro yesterday and now I am getting the cmdmon.sys blue screen of death with DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL on my notebook. I run F-PROT antivirus as well as COMODO with database 2. Yesterday the update available keep showing up and stopping so I ended up removing the older version and installing this one after the download. The BSOD is NOT nice. It tends to happen primarily when Flight Simulator X is running and disrupts the current flight something awful!


Just a quick note. The info on the MS site for WinDiag appeared to suggest that if you get a success on pass 1 then you are unliekly to find any problems on further passes. However, i found that not to be the case. This morning i ran WinDiag and got the following results:
Pass 1 = success
Pass 2 = failed on 2 tests
Pass 3 = failed 4 tests (memory range 2acf0000 - 3fea0000 was faulty)

memtest86 is also a good program to run.

Just thought i’d add that, but now i’ll leave you with egemen to get the situation resolved.