cmdhtml.dll wasn't properly signed. Installation aborted.

I’m getting this error on a Win 7 Pro x64 system. It’s happening for both cis & cis beta offline installers.

Hi Tesseractus,

Can you please add screenshot of the error you receive.

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The image contains the error from running the program as well as the temp log that gets created in appdata

The SHA1 hash matches with what you have posted for both of the cis 11 versions I’ve tried. The cmdhtml.dll identifies as sciter.dll ?

I am having this very issue too, now with CIS

Installing on a clean Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit .

I downloaded the Offline Setup from the “Released” thread here. I checked the provided hash.

Can’t intall Comodo, need the machine badly. :embarassed:

I will move my previous post to another existing thread about the issue, because it has had more traffic and info and is probably better to work from.

I propose others to post there too instead of here.