cmdguard.sys 20% CPU usage across Windows 10 sleep/suspensions


in Windows 10 64bit i have CIS 10 Premium

There is svchost.exe/ntoskrnl.exe process that in its details (Process Viewer) has cmdguard.sys as the TOP "thread that is using ~20 of the CPU. The svchost/System process is using around 22% constantly (for numerous days, i am sleeping/suspending the computer)

The runtime of the cmdguard.sys seems to be more than 2 months.

I want to ask if anyone is willing to help debug why its CPU usage is so high so this possible bug can be fixed?

Or how do you suggest to fix this easiest and fastest way without logou/restart of the Windows? Already right clicked CIS icon and selected exit, then after a minute or so i started CIS again, but it is still there and using the CPU.

BTW, i see some controversy about the cmdguard:

People mention Blue screen of dead and dangerous process.

Hi Postcd,

Can you please create 3 dump of the process which consumes more CPU with interval of 1 minutes and upload those dumps in any online storage and share the download link.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

It apparently is not a process, but some kind of group called “Systém a komprimovaná paměť” (have non Engish Windows) translated it is: System and compressed memory.
In “Process Explorer” it is called “System”.
I see dump can be made for processes, but not for this. Let me know step by step how to proceed please.