I’ve recently started using comodo and it was working fine. But, recently i’ve had problems with excessive cpu usage, mainly with 2 processes (Apoint.exe and cmdagent).

cmdagent uses 100% cpu and therfeore the laptop is very slow. I have now exited comodo at the taskbar and running windows firewall instead. However, cmdagent and cfp are still shown as running in processexplorer. Should they be, if comodo is disabled? (cmd agent using very little CPU now)

through googling, i’ve found that apoint.exe consumes excessive cpu with Defense+. Would this still be the case with comodo disabled as currently it uses approx 20% CPU.

Also, i noticed that on startup the laptop runs fine but when i start the browser (K-meleon) thats when cmd agent CPU usage goes to 100% when comodo is enabled. Has anyone else noticed this issue? Could it be a browser problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


vaio 1.78Ghz, 512RAM, 80Gb HDD, WinXP sp2. AVG antivirus

Hi dharmkp,welcome to the forums,

This is a known bug between Defence+ and apoint,there is some info on it HERE
From what i have seen the best way to stop this issue is to turn of montoring of the keyboard in Defence+
To do this go to Defence+/Advanced/Defence+ Settings/Monitor Settings/uncheck the box next to keyboard at the bottom right/APPLY

This could potentially leave you open to a key-logger but the application would have to get onto your system and past D+ to run so the chances are minimal.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for the advice and link.

Any ideas on sorting the cmdagent issue?



For now…

If you disable AVG on startup; Run>msconfig>Services AND Startup and reboot, how does cmdagent.exe go?


Unchecking the keyboard access box should bring cmdagent down to ~8k
Give it a try,if you still experience high CPU usage we can look at other things.

Is there anything in the Defence+ logs?



It worked.

CPU is down to approx 5% with apoint.exe barely registering!

Also cmdagent is not playing up

Cheers mate!

Excellent solution Matty. That should be made into an FAQ entry.