cmdagent - what's going on with it?

Every now and then my hard drive springs to life and is thrashing around for something like 15 seconds or so. This has been happening on a regular basis.

Investigating this activity I see that cmdagent at these times is using a lot of my CPU, sometimes 50% or so, while the disk is thrashing along.

What the heck is cmdagent up too? Sometimes things slowdown at these times where keyboard and mouse input is slow.

Using the latest version of CPF.


Hello streetwolf,
I just made a quick test for you here. I have CPF installed on 6 different boxens with the default Rules.
-The first 3 machines running CPS as the only single application installed
-Machine 4,5,6 with different applications installed and then Security → Application Monitor to allow “All” those installed softwares.

CPU Usage = 00-08
Memory Usage = 1224k-2520k

CPU Usage = 00
Memory Usage = 7300k

Now lets see…

  • What other applications/softwares do you have running on your system
    If you have any AV installed? try putting both cpf.exe & cmdagent.exe on its trusted list/zone
    OR, try putting the CPF dir on your AV exclution mask.

  • Can you please explain when and what in particular are you doing when cmdagent.exe goes over 50% of CPU usage?

  • A quick test, when CPF is set to “Allow all”… does this also happen?

  • Could there be any conflict with any services/applications you have installed?


My first inclination that there is something not quite right is when my hard drive light comes on and I hear quite a bit of racket coming from it. At this point I open up Task manager and that’s when I see cmdagent using CPU cycles. It is not always 50%. Sometimes 10% or so. But the hard disk activity is always present.

I really don’t have to be doing anything at the moment it happens. I get it when I am doing nothing, or when just web browsing. Mind you it’s not that often but happens enough to make me wonder what’s going on. Plus it does slow my system down for the 15 seconds or so.

I use AVG Pro as my AV. I will put CPF on it’s exclude list and see what happens.

I’ll keep my eyes open the next time it happens and record what I see. Perhaps I will see a pattern develop.

Just had the problem happen again.

As usual I noticed and heard disk activity. I fired up Task Manager and saw cmdagent go as high as 55% CPU utilization. When my disk light went out this was when it shot to 55%. Then after a few seconds it returned to normal. I saw values of 12%, 25%, 33% for CPU utilization during this time.

At the time I was web browsing. No other apps running except for my usual startup stuff. I also added CPF to my AVG exclusion list which obviously was not the cure.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was interaction with some other task, but what can it be? I haven’t tried ‘allow all’ because that leaves me vulnerable.

Could this be some sort of CPF periodic ‘housecleaning’ that has gone awry?

Nope. CPF does not periodically do anything. Disk movements can cause it to use some CPU. But I dont think it is causing the disk movements.

You can do 2 tests:

1- Uninstall the AV to see if it happens again(You can alternatively disable On-Access scanning part),
2- Uninstall CPF and see if it happens again,


I don’t know if the disk activity is coming from some other source and is causing cmdagent to go bonkers or cmdagent is causing the disk activity.

At first I thought it might be System Restore taking a Restore Point. However there are no new Restore Points on disk at these times. I suppose it could be SR as I really don’t know the ins and outs of it.

Could System Restore cause CPF to act this way?


Well, we can’t be too sure. But, I’d recommend this:


You could try a utility called FileMon from Sysinternals ( It monitors and displays file system activities in real-time. It may give you a clue as to what’s going on.

I have filemon. The only problem is that I have no idea where the disk activity is coming from. I would have to monitor everything which I imagine would put a big strain on my system. Finding the culprit would be a hefty task sifting through tons of filemon entries. I suppose I could just monitor cmdagent assuming it’s the cause of my disk activity.

I did turn of behavioral analysis as a first step towards narrowing down the problem. I’ll see what happens over the next day or so and then take it from there.

I was wondering if my problem could be related to what I just observed.

I opened up Component Monitor in the CPF GUI and my disk sprang to life while grabbing the modules on my list. It took about 15 seconds to build the CM list. This action seems to be identical to what I get every now and then as I reported.

Could CM be the cause of my unexpected disk activity and high CPU use by cmdagent? Is CPF building the CM module list every now and then?

Once I got the module list in the GUI I haven’t had any more disk thrashing anywhere. At least so far.

Hey Streetwolf,

I also had cmdagent.exe stressin’ my system at what seemed like random times. Best I can figure, it was portable Opera 9.01…it may do the same thing with regular, non-portable Opera, I haven’t checked, just using FF right now.

Check my post for some background info:,2132.0.html

  • I saw your post and it reminded me of what I was going through…ever since I stopped using Opera Browser (sniff, I miss it :cry: ) cmdagent.exe has behaved itself.


  • scruff

Does seem very similar. However I don’t use Opera, never did. Just good old IE6.

I am having the same problem with cmdagent. It basically runs constantly (once it gets in some state). The active applications I am running are Firefox, Mailwasher, and Goldmine. It does seem to be closely correlated to having a lot of tabs open in Firefox. The other processor pig that I am running is Spyware Doctor.

But cmdagent is simply killing my machine. Once it gets in this state, it doesn’t get out of it until I reboot. This seems to have started relatively recently, probably the past couple of weeks.