cmdagent using 1.85GB+ of virtual memory

On my system (CIS 3.9.95478.509 on XP home) cmdagent.exe is using 1.85GB+ of virtual memory.

Increasing the size of my pagefile is NOT the solution. There is clearly something wrong with the way CIS is managing memory.

How do I fix this. Windows keeps asking me to increase the size of my virtual memory and locking up while it tries to do it automatically.

How much ram does your computer have?

Also did you do a clean install?

Hi ExpWoodsman

Clearly something is amiss on your PC. Would you therefore, mind providing some additional details regarding your environment please.

System properties says RAM 986MB. Page file is set to minimum 1536MB maximum 3072MB.

Hmmm, I thought I had more RAM than that. I’ll have to have a quick peek under the hood and confirm.

Ther is definitely something else wrong other than Comodo. The whole program never uses more than 12 mb of RAM on my system. I have 2gigs RAM and my page file is set to only 512mb min and max. If you have enough RAM (2 gigs for XP and more for Vista), the default page file size set by Windows (RAM X 1.5) is way bigger than you will ever need and just eats up hard disk space unnecessarily.

OK, so I have a single 1GB stick RAM, but some of it is being used for onboard video. Thus the 896MB mentioned in the system properties.

I believe the recommended virtual memory size is 1.5 times the physical memory size.

In any case, when I show the ‘virtual memory size’ column in windows task manager it reports the ‘VM size’ of all running processes as opposed to the ‘Mem Usage’.

If the problem is somewhere else, why is it always cmdagent.exe that has rediculously high VM size.

It starts off at ~50MB when I start the computer, but something makes it grow. I’ll have to monitor it to find out what.

Just ran a 'critical areas' scan and although the Mem usage and VM fluctuated during the scan, they settled back down to normal.

I did a clean install… I had too. Had lots of problems getting the AV patterns to update.

Re: CIS AV won’t/can’t update

I guess therein lies a likely culprit.

I guess I’ll try a clean install again now that I have a windows user account password set and try it with the ‘Comodo Internet Security Helper Service’ logon account left as Local System Account.

Wierd thing is, it’s random. Like this morning it went nuts, up to 1.85GB. But after I rebooted it’s been fine.

Ah well, reinstall it again… 88)