CmdAgent uses a proxy server I have not entered; cannot update AV sigs


i made a fresh install of CIS 3.10. Previously on this machine were installed version 3.8 and version 3.9.
I’ve got a problem with cmdagent while downloading AV sigs update.

Looking at active connections, cmdagent open a connection with a proxy server ip address I specified in previous version. I don’t use it any more :slight_smile: Looking at Explorer 8 settings, there’s no proxy settings. Also there’s no checkmark under proxy setting in CIS options. Using “Import IE settings” makes of course a blank entry.

Why can’t I ovverride this old setting in CIS? Please note that I make a fresh install so I DO NOT import old configurations of previous CIS installation.

Cis version is 3.10.102363.531
OS: Vista SP 2 with IE 8

Is there any files under cis configuration I can edit to remove this entry? It’s a strange behaviour. For example, the update module is acting correctly not using any proxy. It’s just the cmdagent that still opens a connection with the unused proxy IP.

Thanks for your help.


Other information: using netsh winhttp show proxy from command line states that no proxy is used.

When you look at the proxy setting in CIS under Miscellaneous → Settings are they there?

Is this a clean update of 3.10 or is it on top of 3.8 and 3.9 using the program updater?

You can try a clean install of the new 3.11 and see what happens. For 3.10 it is recommended not to import any old configurations.

You can get it here: .

I fixed the problem. It was a clean update with a new fresh configuration. CIS proxy settings were empty. Also IE8 has empty proxy settings (and works great as well as CIS updater).

So I decided to make a full registry scan with RegScanner to find occurrences of proxy IP address used by cmdagent.exe. I’ve found some entries in HKEY_USERS and HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG under Software/Microsoft/CurrentVersion (maybe paths were different, I can’t remember them)

I deleted those two proxy entries in the registry and cmdagent.exe finally connected to the Comodo server :slight_smile:

Please tell developer to have a look at registry entries and look at where cmdagent.exe takes default proxy values in the registry repository.

Hope this thread could be be of help to comodo developers.

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Thank you for pointing this out. It is in the right board so the devs should see it.

I looked under the two keys you mentioned on my system but couldn’t find the paths you mentioned.