Cmdagent uses a lot of momory


My system is XP SP2 / 1GB, Comodo Firewall ver. 5.10 (updated).
I usually use only 2 programs: firefox, skype (+ avira antivir & comodo firewall).

I have problem with cmdagent.exe - this application uses extremely many memories when use internet (f.e. now - during writing this message only, near 550K memory is used - 50% of all available) what freezes my computer for several second (hard drive heavy used with 10GB free space on hard discs, no in/out internet connections).
The main problem is that these “peaks” of used memory are very often: per 3-5 minutes each - again, and again.

For tests:
Open this one tab in firefox only and do nothing more only wait…
After few sec…

With hard harddrive usying…

Full size of pic:

!!! SOLUTION !!!

Just add chrome.exe and firefox.exe to exeptions list.

Comodo AV → Scanner Settings → Exclusion → Add → Running Processes → Chrome.exe

Does adding Firefox to the AV exclusions do the trick for you Antar?