cmdagent taking 90+ % CPU [Resolved]

I was excited about using this Firewall, but my computer is almost impossible to operate.

cmdagent is taking 90+% CPU all the time!

I have the following apps (among others) running

The Bat
AVG Free

on Windows XP Pro SP2

Machine is

Dell Latitude D810
1.86 Ghz
1.00 GB RAM

Copy and pasting above three lines of text took more than 30 seconds.

How can I check was is causing this? During installation I chose the automatic configuration.

I may have found the answer…

I had blocked svchost.exe - I think this was causing the problem.

After rebooting and allowing svchost.exe cmdagent is only using 00% of CPU !

I am still unclear about what svchost does, but …

CPF looks good now (:HUG)


Glad you seem to have found the problem. There is a good description of svchost at the following url: svchost.exe Windows process - What is it?

Hope this helps,