cmdagent takes 100% cpu when iTunes 7.5 installed

I just had the experience that on two of my windows xp prof. pcs the cmdagent took 100% cpu when accessing websites. After uninstalling iTunes the problem was solved. Does anybody had the same problem ?


Try reading those:

Version 2.4 - cpf.exe and High CPU,6819.0.html,6933.0.html,6943.0.html

Version 2.4 - cmdagent.exe and High CPU,5499.0.html,5972.0.html,6160.0.html

Hope you’ll find a topic that’ll help you :wink:


Yesterday I uninstalled the Comodo Firewall after having it installed for several months/years. This was because the recent update with Defense+. After installing that cmdagent went to 99 percent CPU usage, making the system unusable. Fortunately uninstalling the Comodo Firewall went without any problems.

On these forums I read about disabling logging (make logfile readonly) and/or MDI. However, I could not find this logfile or the place where to disable monitoring DLL injections. So in the end I uninstalled it, because it was not usable anymore. Now I have installed another free firewall solution. That one just works without making the computer unusable.