cmdagent problem

I closed CFP 3.0 because i wanted start a-squared free (an antispyware program). Then i startet a-squared free and after 95% scanning files cmdagent need about 60% of cpu and svchost 40% cpu. After i ended svchost with taskmanager cmdagent need about 95% and it wasn´t possible to end cmdagent although i had closed cfp 3.0.

Whats that?

The end of the story: I can´t finished a-squared-free completely.


I have got 32 bit processor (Pentium D)
I have got WinXP SP 2 with Pre-SP3 (pack of updates for windows up september 2007)
NOD 32 antivirus
I have got such kind of problem too. cmdagent takes about 90% of processor’s time. It starts do it when I connect to Internet by GPRS.
I have turn off Defense+ because of when this service was turned on and I have tried to connect the Internet any work with computer was impossible because of my processor was overload. So when i use GPRS I have to kill cmdagent in process list.