cmdagent memory leak? [RESOLVED]

Updated to the newest and looking at my task manager I see cmdagent.exe using
150,500K and constantly increasing 4K-8K every second.

cmdagent.exe is sitting just under 13k on my system and stable at that amount for over 15 minutes with lots of other activity happening.

Email this issue to, along with the log from the firewall and any other PC specific info you think may help.

ewen :slight_smile:

This is an important issue which we never heard before. Can you please post your system details like operating system, internet explorer version and other security applications installed(anti virus, anti-spyware)?


sure… and right now cmdagent.exe is at 286,000k and climbing
I sent an email with system stats to support… but here is my info

Windows XP PRO SP2
Latest internet explorer (dont use but for windows updates)
Latest Firefox
Kaspersky Anti Virus
Spybot S&D
AMD 64 3800+ X2
1GB corsair XMS ram

cmdagent.exe at 286,900K and climbing at 12K/s now…

any more info just ask…

12k per second? Wow, they’ve really improved the speed. :smiley:

heres a snapshot of running tasks

[attachment deleted by admin]

12k here also. Wonder if it has anything to do with Firefox and fox’s “memory leak” problem that has yet to be fixed?


If I shut off component monitor, the mem usage stops climbing, but it doest go down until I reboot, or shutdown the firewall, then I have to manually close cmdagent.exe from the taskmenu.

almost easier to jut reboot every couple hours.

I didn’t know that CPF would work with the 64 bit processors. :slight_smile: Am I behind or what?

scratch my last, shutting of component monitor doesnt stop it.

I didn't know that CPF would work with the 64 bit processors. Smiley Am I behind or what?
I'm using a 32bit operating system so...that shouldnt affect it, should it?

Hi, 32bit OS is correct.
Have you tried an uninstall,reboot,reinstall to see if this solves the issue?

Well now,

I uninstalled rebooted, and now when I try to reinstall I get a
1608: Unable to create InstallDriver instance

I googled and tried everything from installshields website and everything else I could find with no joy…

??? ??? ???

ok, I reformatted, reinstalled XP, and commodo.
THe problem is still there… It started after I installed the Beyond TV Software.

Ok let us test CPF with that software. Thx for the feedback.


Ok i have verified the issue. It seems the update we are about to issue the next week has already fixed this issue as well.
So when you update your CPF copy, this problem will be solved.


Holy ■■■■!

(B) (M) (R)

Thank you!

Told ya they were good!!! :wink: