CMDAGENT in Firewall Log

I’ve set up Comodo to only use firewall and defense +. Modified the Network Security Policy so that all applications have to be approved by me before allowed. My question is does CMDAgent need access to the internet? All seem to be working fine, but I’ve noticed that my firewall log is filled up showing that CMDAgent has been blocked from access the internet - it’s been trying to access every few seconds.

Did you keep the cloud functions enabled?
That could be one of the reasons why comodo tries to get online.

If you plan to keep comodo “offline”, you should disable all features that might need connections. That way there is no un-necessary blocking and logging.

Cmagent.exe will access the internet for cloud look up of unknown files, the updates of the AV and revocation servers of certificate authorities to check the validity of the signatures of digitally signed applications.

What are your worries about the connections that cmdagent.exe makes with the internet?