cmdagent in bg ! ! !

i am new 2 comodo firewall pro … its a great softy … easy 2 use … with many options …

just 1 simple ? … even after i shutdown\exit\close the programme, cmdagent runs in bg … y is it so & how 2 end the processes [its eating memory] ???

Hi black3, welcome to the forums.

If you exit CIS’s front-end program (cfp.exe) you merely stop CIS’s ability to communicate with the user, but this in noway impacts the operation of CIS it continues as normal. This is intentional, as CIS is a security program. You need to disable all of CIS’s installed components using the front-end & then exit it. All the processes remain, but they are deactivated and, more importantly, what you cannot so easily see behind cmdagent.exe (CIS’s Window Service), CIS’s drivers are also deactivated.

I’m not sure about cmdagent.exe’s memory, I’ve not see it do that. However, it might have something to do with cfp.exe being shutdown (wild guess).

You can follow some serious discussions on this issue in the following link

thanx 4 the links …

bt new problem … suddenly firewall crashed … yesterday, i had shutdowned\exit it from taskmanager … & 2 day it just crashed … whot should i do ?

here is the file … plz just remove the .txt extension … as many uploaders did allowed 2 upload it …

Please try a reinstall or if CIS opens

Open CIS>Miscellaneous>Diagnostics