cmdagent freezing computer after virus updates


Yesterday microsoft reported me about old virus signatures…and after i updated them manually comodo asked to reboot. All was fine before that.

After reboot things started to go weird… loong reboot, long login time to account.
after i finally got logged in desktop freezed many times and stopped responding.
i was trying to find problem for that and finally found that after i had re-installed CIS problem was gone.
Then i installed CIS again like fresh install and after reboot all was okay but after virus updates and reboot things started to go weird again. i managed to get ctrl + alt + del open and closed cmdagent.exe and all is working now again like normally used to. i couldn’t find any program using mount of cpu load and memory load was normal.

So my question is, what is causing that problem ?? it appears after virus updates, i am running now without cmdagent.exe and computer runs OK!

product version 3.13.126709.581
virus signature database version 3658
windows xp pro 32bit

The problem is a bad update that causes cmdagent.exe to task your CPU to 100%.

Is there a cure available for this issue?

Either uninstalling or disabling the AV.

Likely i said on my first post…

There is NO cpu usage or memory usage, everything according to cpu and memory is acting normal.

Its something inside cmdagent… please admins post me some ideas, thanks.

There is something fishy going on with CIS v3.13 on Windows XP as far as I can tell. There are several reports about stalling.

Normally I am on Win 7 with the v4 beta. Last night I booted to my XP installation with v 3.13 and noticed several situations where Windows would stall. It didn’t do that earlier.

It is suggested it may be related to an AV update. That makes sense as it is new behaviour. I will try booting XP with an older AV definitions file, and keep it from updating, and see what will happen.

Thanks for knowing that.

i am can’t run my pc now with AV, or it will freeze a lot. so i am forced to run without AV.
It would be really nice to get some update/fix for this. And without AV system runs perfectly.
Weird because i can’t see any cpu usage or anything bizarre happening and with AV it does that.
I would like to help solve that problem as far as i can. Keep up good work :wink:

Instead of running without an AV, install either Avast! or Avira. Both are free and well regarded.

Please your attention. I have noticed there are at the moment two kind of performance problems with the AV 3.13. One “general” performance problem and one likely to be caused by faulty update around January 17-18.

For the faulty AV definition update I made a test case in which I want volunteers to participate. I tried this myself and it got rid off certain reported problems that seemed typical for this particular problem. For those who want to participate go to [Testcase]AV problems with XP after January 17 or 18.

Thx for fast reply and working updates :slight_smile:

Now i am running that [Testcase]AV problems with XP after January 17 or 18. pack and everything runs normally again.

Using this package now, since there isn’t any better

Thanks a lot

Problem started again.

i was still using that test package…weird

Now i have updated to last database and it seems better, maybe…maybe not, we’ll see that after few restarts.

This time i managed to find one wierd thing… svchost.exe was eating more than 120Mb memory and normally biggest svchost program is runing about 30mb, maybe some related to svchost or ms office or photoshop. i am not sure but just guessing.

Waiting for more info…