This topic is in regards to cmdagent.exe, my computer froze on me again I couldn’t open anything this happened to me 3 times with-in the past hour, it decided to respond again and I regained control, when I had control of comodo/my computer again I opened the View Active Process list&The task manager, the freeze happened again but I had the active process list&Task manager opened none of my CPU was being hogged by any of comodos processes/any other processes it just completely froze my machine, I terminated cmdagent.exe via view active process list and I regained complete control. I am writing this message with cmdagent.exe terminated, comodo has been working fine/better since I terminated cmdagent.exe.
Any ideas?
The first freeze occurred when I was downloading a file off of the file was a file-splitting program to make movies smaller.

I do not have th problem above, but what I do have is a very slight (but noticeable) delay in opening programs and webpages due to cmdagent.exe.

Did you recently change anything to your computer? Installed something new? Program or driver?

I have the same problem but my computer will not boot to Windows. Message says bug in cmdagent, needs to close. I also posted more recently on this as sarcos.

Could you guys tell us a bit more about your setups? What OS are you using and what user mode you are running in. Also what other security programs you use and which programs run in the background.