I Use the program ‘Perfect Disk’ to defrag.
Starting the program - no problem.
But as soon as I start defrag of the drive, cmdagent.exe starts to run, and continues until I exit Perfect Disk
Whilst cmdagent.exe is running (and it is continuous), it slows the analysis/defrag almost to a stop, and basically makes Perfect Disc unusable.
Even if CAVS is shutdown prior to defrag, cmdagent.exe still runs.

The issue with Perfect Disk is a known issue that has been reported during the beta days. As a workaround you can disable the AV Residential Shield. That’s what I do.

I have Perfect Disc as well. I know all of us have different setups using the same software. As usual for me Comodo gets along perfectly with Perfect Disc.

One really good way I found early is that if you are sure your computer is clean. Do we really know anyway? un-install Comodo completely, everything goes, use Comodo Registry cleaner to take out the registry items and use the recommended procedure for cleaning your computer to make it Comodo free, then install a fresh download of Comodo, since it just arrived everything there will be looked at and if your stuff is like mine Comodo will fit in or tell you what won’t work.

Perfect Disc also has a setting which makes it run normally, low system resources, medium and high, perhaps you might check this setting and change it to what suits you. I do know at the normal setting, things slow up quite a bit, so I run it first thing after it’s all booted up. I have no problem with cmdagent. exe