I have suddenly started getting a box with the following message …

Instruction at 0x7c918fea referenced memory at 0x00000010. The memory could not be “written”.
Click on OK to terminate the program

The title of the box refers to cmdagent.exe - Application Error >:(

In Task Manager cmdagent.exe has no cpu usage. :-\

How do I fix this problem ???

Hi ProBowlUK

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It sounds like an install gone sour. Is there any chance that you could have had any leftover registry entries from a previous security application? Very often they do not completely uninstall and thereby leave some entries that will conflict with an install of CFP.

My first suggestion would be to download the complete version of and then do a complete uninstall ( I like to uninstall in safe mode) and registry clean. After a reboot then install CFP and see if that makes any difference.

Let us know how you do, we have a lot of good tech people on the forums that can get this working for you.


p.s. nice photo