cmdagent.exe wotz it doing?

I noticed today that my cpu was using up to 50% and when i check in tsk mgr it was cmdagent.exe that was the culprit. Ive had cpf v3 with D+ disabled since the end of Jan and no problems other than permission boxes which have calmed down now, but then this. (:AGY)

Any ideas why this activity ?

No reason to disable D+. Have you looked at your logs? Have you installed anything new needed permissions from Comodo?

I dont know; usually when i install stuff i always ok the permission boxes so i just dont understand what its doing. Its seems as though its scanning but i dont see any scan engine and its affecting the performance of my machine.

I could do with some help trouble shooting this problem coz cpf v3 seems very complicated to me.

Would it help if I uninstalled and reinstalled cpf using the latest release?

In fact there was a recent update for cpf v3, could that be the problem ?

Your always better off using the latest version. Be sure you do a complete uninstall before you install the latest version. I use Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode and when Comodo says reboot,dont and click next on Revo then delete the registry and programs entires it finds.

Cheerz ill try that then but I have to use Your Uninstallerwhich does the same job asREVO` getting the reg entries aswell…

Here goes (:NRD)

Yes but Revo is free.

The latest release, is that 349 ?

Coz thats the one I just grabbed…

By the way, I dont know if this means anything but when I shut down CPF so i could uninstall it, cmdagent.exe continued running, i had to kill it with tsk mgr…why do you suppose that happened?

You don’t need to shut it down to uninstall it. I never do that. CPF is the GUI. CMDagent is the program. It always stays running.