cmdagent.exe using all my cpu

HI all.

Im after some expert advice.

Ive been using comodo firewall 30.25.378

Recenlty Ive noticed my computer crashing,when i open task manager “cmdagent.exe” uses all and my browser and poker applications crash.
Ive tried reinstalling fresh copy but still same problems.Are there any settings I could try this is getting really annoying.
Its not all the time though it random starts,sometimes when Ive restarted my computer too.

Any hlep please thank you very much.
I like this firewall

There is a fix for that problem, will try to find the link for you… but more than likely someone else will post the link before I do.

Thanks man appreciate your help

If it is what I think, the best solution is to uninstall and install the latest version. You may have to boot in safe mode to uninstall.

Hope it helps


Here is the link to mentioned bye AyeAyeCaptain:;msg332540#msg332540