cmdagent.exe using a massive amount of ram

After 4-5+ hours of running the computer, cmdagent.exe will consume nearly all available ram, capping at 14.23GB on a system with 20 GB. What’s interesting is that the process doesn’t show up in the task manager list of processes, Win 7 Pro x64, but I can see in the performance tab that I’m running out of memory.

The only way I was able to identify cmdagent.exe as the process responsible was by installing Process Hacker, a much more detailed task manager. It shows cmdagent.exe PID 628 as consuming 14.23 GB. It is constantly being written to input/output wise but only consumes 0.01 CPU usage.

Comodo logs do not show anything out of the ordinary. I haven’t added or removed any programs, or Windows updates (I do them all manually). The only thing I can think of is that I declined the most recent CIS update, The changelog looked to affect Windows 10 users only, so it seemed to be something I could skip.

I’ve tried shutting down all protections, except CIS firewall (will attempt to shut it down after sending this), and it doesn’t change the amount of memory cmdagent.exe is consuming.

Just to be as detailed as possible, I run all protections at max settings (yes, I go through all the tedious menus and it’s been properly configured for a while), except for auto sandbox which I keep disabled for certain tools I use. Also, no new rules have been added or removed since this issue started. I will go ahead and update to the latest version of CIS to see if that resolves the issue. Thanks

Just wanted to add. I disconnected the internet, disabled CIS firewall, and there was no change in cmdagent.exe. I then completely shutdown Comodo. All the other cis processes stopped except for cmdagent, it was still consuming 14.23 GB. I had to terminate the process in Process Hacker.

Post a screenshot of your HIPS, firewall and AV settings,a screenshot of the statistics tab for cmdagent properties within process hacker, in PH go to hacker > Save… to save a list of active processes. Do this the next time you notice memory usage climb again and state what you were doing leading up to the memory usage spike. It would also help if you can figure out the exact steps that make it reproducible more than once.

The program that causes cmdagent.exe to balloon in size is qbittorrent. I also included a screenshot of the rules for it as well as a pic of how it stays inflated once qbittorrent is closed.

Okay thanks for the screenshots, but I would still like to see one for the statistics tab see mine for example, you just need to double-click on cmadagent for the properties window to appear and go to the statistic tab, I wonder what the handle count is like and the amount of Working set and Private WS size.

This seems related to these two issues: Memory usage of 500MB+ and Memory leak in cmdagent in particular this message about network traffic over long periods of time:

I too use qbittorrent and I can’t say I have noticed this, but I’am using CIS 10 BETA without the AV on Windows 7 x64. I assume you were downloading or seeding a large torrent and that you’re using the default values for global maximum number of connections (500) and max number of connections per torrent (100) in qbitt connection options?

First off, thanks for the help. Unlike yours, my statictics has several unknowns. The Memory and Handles tab say, “Unable to query memory information: Access is denied.”

Yes, you are correct. Downloading large files with default values. CIS 10 Beta, nice! Is that publicly available?

Sure. Kindly check this issue with beta version.

Many thanks.

Please check with Comodo Internet Security V10.0.0.6071 Beta thanks.