cmdagent.exe using 80-96 % of CPU power (2 GHz)

Comodo Internet Security Helper Service (cmdagent.exe) using 80-96 % of CPU power (2 GHz).

After having used CIS (3.8.65951.477) for a few days, noticed the following:

cmdagent.exe was using 80-96 % of CPU power on a 2 GHz uniprocessor, and the PC fan was cooling the system at full speed.

This appeared very strange, since no other action took place on my system.

Disabling Defence+ and Firewall had no effect on the cmdagent.exe’s CPU load.

Decided to uninstall and then re-install CIS.

After the clean install, everything went back to normal. Now in the same situation, System Idle Process shows 95-97 % of CPU power (as should).

Is this a known issue?

Firewall Safe Mode
Defense+ Clean PC Mode

WXP SP2 32 bit + all Hotfixes
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 (
WinPatrol [PLUS] 16.0.2009.0 (FI)

Have a standard, optional configuration of WXP SP2, where:

  • System and [application] programs reside on drive D
  • Only the Documents and Settings directory reside on drive G
  • Only Windows Page (Swap) file resides on drive C

Thanks in advance for prompt response.


Quite a few of us have mentioned this problem here, but since we are the minority no one seems to care.

Ouch that isn’t good :frowning:
Perhaps conflict with Kaspersky? You could try disabling comodo’s av and using it as a on-demand scanner.


Have installed just the Firewall and Defense+ of CIS.

Use KAV 8 as A-V.

Have not experienced any conflicts with the two flagship products.

The issue has not re-occurred after uninstall and reinstall of CIS.


Similar system behaviour has been observed without using kaspersky AV. I am not using Comodo AV either, just FW and D+ . I was experiencing same problem since a few days - CPU usage went back to normal after I disabled D+

I inspected all files waiting for review (5000+) and updated to latest version of comodo 3.8.65951.477 and reenabled D+. Now it seems to behave - for how long ?