cmdagent.exe using 50% processor

cmdagent.exe has for some while now been going ape on my system.

It’s been running 50% processor for 20 minutes or so and writing to my disk like crazy.

I don’t know what to do except reboot at this time.


Christopher Stone

Hi (:WAV)

Can you Show as your TASK MANAGER SCREEN SHOT? As well as your PC-SPECS first?


I knew I should have taken some shots of Process Explorer but alas…

I’m running Vista on an HP Pavilion Slimline s3242x with 2GB of memory.

I’ve been using Comodo for 30 days or so with no major hiccups until now (other than perhaps some dyspepsia caused by NOD32).

When I rebooted cmdagent.exe wouldn’t load, so I’ve temporarily uninstalled Comodo. I did save a copy of the executable, although I haven’t done a file-compare with a fresh copy as yet.

My system seems noticeably quicker without Comdo, and I wonder just how much it and NOD are stepping on each other’s toes.

In any case - all help is appreciated. (I’m new to the board, so please forgive any greenhorn faux pas.)

Since the exe file is so small I’ll go ahead and attach it.

Thanks again.


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Okay (:WAV)

(TAKE this steps if you are using CIS)

nstall CSC Then UNINSTALL your CIS Take note that BEFORE restarting your PC prior to the Completion of CIS removal, Run DISK CLEANER and CRC on your CSC then you can Restart your PC after Scanning then… after your PC Restarts, run your CSC like what you did before restarting and after doing so, INSTALL your CIS wait for the prompt that requires restart prior to it Completion then, Run CSC again as I mentioned above after CSC scanning, you can now Restart your PC ang Let us know what happens next! Sorry If I can’t explain to you it well because, I came from a 16-Hours of 1800mHz, 900mHz and 3G CELL SITE Troubleshooting at work.


I offer you to use “search” menu. Exmple to search “100%”. You’ll find a lot of topics (resolved also) with problem of “cmdagent.exe uses 100%”
There also described behavior of CIS and NOD working together.

Today my PC seems to have caught this disease having been fine up until this point. I have had Comodo ( firewall only ) installed for a month or so and it has been apparently fine. But no longer - 50% CPU usage and constant hard disk access is crippling the machine.

I have version 3.5.57173.439 running on Vista Ultimate 32bit with all updates applied and Avast antivirus. E660 dual core processor.

One thing that concerns me is that i notice there are 132,284 files waiting for review; that seems a hell of a lot for a PC that was freshly installed less than 6 weeks ago, especially when the firewall was one of the last things to go on following an uninstall of Zone Alarm ( as a result of their browser hang up problem ).

Needless to say i dont wish to review them all, and the review window takes an age to open.

Is the best thing to do an re-install of CIS ? ( PS. I also posted this in the 100% usage thread because some of the E6600 owners say its one core at 100%: mine is definitely both at 50% approx )