cmdagent.exe using 13% of CPU and making the PC unusable for minutes.

This is happening from time to time.
Everytime I install or some program start to update itself (a game launcher for example), cmdagent.exe uses exactly 13% of the CPU and it makes the whole system unusable for some minutes (sometimes 30 minutes).
For example. The UPlay Launcher updated itself and the cmdagent.exe process STILLS using 13% of CPU and making IMPOSSIBLE to open any other application. This is taking more than 15 minutes this time!
This happens with the Launcher and other programs/games as well!
Seriously. Why does this happens? It’s something related to the saving preferences process. It appears that HIPS or something checks something and then it saves on every file it already checked. The saving process takes some seconds to happen, but it tries to save on each new file it detected and checked!
How to fix this?
I really like Comodo, but this issue and the HIPS Rules missing from time to time issue really makes me think about uninstalling this program… :frowning:

Are you sure it isn’t the real-time AV scanner scanning the changed files? Describe your settings for each component AV, HIPS, firewall, auto-sandbox, and viruscope.

I don’t use the AV and Viruscope. Just HIPS and Firewall. Both on the “Safe” mode.

Please check with Comodo Internet Security V10.0.0.6071 Beta thanks.