cmdagent.exe using 100% cpu [Merged Threads]

Ok my problem is that i just installed new new v3 around 19:30, it all went fine, it uninstalled v2 it rebooted it installed v3 and it rebooted.

Now after reboot my comp was running slow, and i mean SLOW just doing some simple action took me up to several minutes,

now i managed to open up the task manager or whatever u call, it and after looking abit around i saw Cmdagent was using 100% Cpu, i couldnt close it, i couldnt do anything to it. it just simply keeps using 100% cpu and a reboot doesn’t help. i installed it in Advanced mode with defense + option. if thats any help.

i really hope u guys can help me i love this firewall but i dont wan’t to reinstall my computer and get another firewall because its not working.

Rasmus Olsen , Denmark (:AGY) (:AGY) (:AGY) (:AGY) (:SAD) (:SAD) (:SAD)


I suspect what was going on is when you first reboot Defense Plus(D+) is learning about your PC
I will take a few minutes to calm down If not you could be having some suspicious logging activity if CFP becomes to active logging at times there are problems.
Are you seeing any alerts
if the problems are continuing could you please post your firewall logs
and D+ logs if you are seeing any thing there
snapshots of alerts can be helpful also

Please see this

It has instructions on posting logs and taking snapshots

I have the same issue.
cmdagent process drains 99% of cpu.
I have switched both Firewall and Defense+ logging.
I have alse disabled Defense+ - doesn’t help.
Looks like it was a bad idea to upgrade to 3.0… :(((

Same problem only worse. Locked up my computer for about 1/2 an hour or so. I could not even get my bluetooth mouse to move sometimes.
Re-booted in safe maode and uninstalled it. Reverted to the previous version. It has now disabled my bluetooth keyboard. Will now have to go back and re-install that.

Bit annoyed that Comodo V3 does not set a system restore point either.

updated to V3 this morning now theres 2 hours of my life i’m not going to get back - pc is generally slower and totally locks up at times. Start up times are @ 25 mins by the time things are said and done - going back to V2.4 upgrade was a downgrade :’(

Steev S

Hi Guys,

Can you please tell us the other software installed in your Computer?

Also can you tell us if you upgraded or uninstalled 2.4 and performed a clean install?

Are you using Clean PC mode for Defense+?

You need to give us more details to understand the issue.

Thanks for the cooperation,

:BNC My turn…

I’m having the exact same problem with crappy system performance after installing version 3. I’ve gone through the whole thing twice now. (:AGY)

I was originally running v2.4 on XP-SP2. I uninstalled it and installed v3.0.13.268 (after turning off my AV software). It was installed as:

  • Advanced with Defense Plus
  • Approve Certified Applications
  • Yes to accepting incoming connections (other PCs on a home network / same subnet)
  • Defense Plus default setting

Everything installed and I rebooted my system. V3 started recognizing applications (with my approval) and things slowed down a little during the process but I was still able to surf at a reasonable speed.

Then I had a wild idea about installing it on another computer on my network so I decided to find out if anything was different from v2.4 in setting it up. I go into the MISC screen and click HELP. CRASH!!! V3 bombed out with the obligatory Windows “I’m Sorry, Comodo has crashed. If you were working on something you may have lost your work; yadda, yadda, yadda…”

I restart Comodo and my system slow to almost a complete halt. Comodo’s application window was even coming up in pieces. Hell, I’m surprised that I can even make it to this forum. And remember, I’ve gone through this entire process TWICE! Each time I ran the diagnostics to check the installation and each time it said everything was alright. (:AGY)

Oh yeah, can’t seem to stop or even kill Agent Service either. It’s the only thing that I can find running which is associated with Comodo after ot crashes.

Windows XP SP2, Avast antivirus, Firefox, The BAT! and tons of other software.

Up(down?)graded from 2.4.

I switched off Defence+.

In the end: bye-bye 3.0, welcome back plain old 2.4.
You, guys, have a lot work to do to release next STABLE version after 2.4.

XP Pro with all updates - startup programs are Spyware Doctor, Registery Mechanic, NOD32, Any DVD, Clone CD, Logitech Bluetooth Desktop Manager, Hot Fax, WinZip Quick Pick, Realtek HD Audio Manager, ODD Firmware Update, Bluetooth Devices, Roxio Drag To Disc, SIMATIC Workstation (Siemens PLCs), Adobe Photo Shop Downloader, Quick Time.

If you want a list of what is running from Windows Task Manager please let me know and I will see if I can copy it to you. It will be running the old version of Comodo though - I have reverted to that.

Then there are heaps of programs - many of them you would not know as they are industrial programs, CAD etc etc but I do not even get to open them.

Comodo runs very slowly and when a warning window starts to come up I can wait many minutes and it still only partly appears.

Same issue here. Upgraded to V3 and cmdagent uses 100% CPU, completely freezing the system. I was barely able to uninstall it without more dramatic measures.

I’m running XP SP2 AMD Athlon 64, with the following short list of programs installed : Yahoo Msg, Trillian, Office 2007, Adobe CS2, AVG Free, Googletalk, Google Desktop, Logmein, Blackberry desktop, Visual Studio Dev, etc, etc…

Hope you guys can fix this otherwise I’ll have to revert back to my old firewall provider.

Well i have to say that on my system it seems to be a very stable install. The only problem i’m having is after the 3.0 install my CAV on access scanner will not start.
After reading the posts in this thread is it possible that the people running non comodo AV are getting interference from heuristic scanners?

Thank god, thought that I was the only one who has done something wrong. Running comodo 2.4 I accepted yes to auto-upgrade. Two reboots later I was running V3

XP SP2 (latest auto upgrades)
Avast Anti Virus
Google Sketchup
Brico Pack (Vista Theme for XP)
Mozilla Tunderbird and Firefox
plus a bunch of stuff that I didn’t even manage to get to run before going into safemode (hard shut down too) to run system restore

Wasted at least 2 hours of my morning.

Will be a lot more circumspect when upgrading to V3 - pity

same here… cmdagent at 99%… WHY DID I UPGRADE?
i first shutdown firewall and then killed cmdagent.exe from Task manager… now i’m with no firewall… i only have antiVir PE on startup… is this smiley a joke?-----> (B)

Same here, got a notice of an upgrade to V3. About 42 Reboots later i uninstalled it in safe mode because it was the only way i could do ANYTHING with my pc. Fresh download, tried again TWICE!!!
Exactly the same scenario…PC ran like an arthritic slug…Uninstalled it again…going back to previous version now because it worked fine with no probs at all. >:(

Im glad I read this before I installed. I started the download, then aborted it at 16% completion when I read of all these slowdown issues with version 3. I will wait for the fixed version. My current Comodo version is great for a free firewall though. (:CLP)


Why is cmdagent.exe using 100% cpu

Nope, it’s what your system resources may jump up to. (S) (When I reinstalled v2.4).

Hi All,

I have eventually reverted to my old version.

I installed the update and the programme 3 times, but could never find the application.

No system try icon.
Not shown in Task Manager.
Programme folder was empty.
Could not uninstall, as I couldn’t find it.

I did once manage to get the overview screen up after downloading version 3 and installing myself.
Tried to update the programme thinking it may correct its self but it kept reporting that a couple of files were missing!

Sorry but I gave up and rolled back my system, back to version 2.

Updated v2 files but this time refused to update to v3.

Please advise when the problem has been fixed.

Acer Aspire 5100, Running XP Home, AMD Turion 64x2
Nod32 antivirus
BOClean 4.25


Yeah same here

I had notting but probs with v3 i uninstalled v2.4 frist then installed v3 the install was ok
i have to say that my pc was running really bad after v3 was installed after i get to my log in point and log in it would take a very long time to get to the desktop my pc was stoping and would not work at times i really did give v3 a good test run but i was just haveing

two many probs with my pc and it was running really slow and like shit
so bye bye to v3 for now i have gone back to zonealarm free i know it might not be as good a firewall but a least my pc is running nice and fast again and with no probs at all for now i will not be installing comodo firewall again on till i see some real fix’s to it!! it slows down ur pc to much and it makes it run like crap and has other probs with other programs so bye bye to v3 for now it make me mad because i really do like comodo firewall a well.

I was also under the impression that this was a safe and tested upgrade. I had a notification that V3 was ready and so I said yes.

My first dilema was which version to install, not knowing anything anout defense + , I plumbed for the numpties version.

I was unable to open outlook express, the system was slow and I was sent into panic mode, I then checked the website and saw that chaos reigned and V3 had numerous problems , so like many others I did a system restore to an earlier time to go back to my erlier version. And like so many others I am concerned about whether I shopuld upgrade to V3 for quite a while .

I like comodo firewall, but my faith needs to be restored. Can V3 be suspended until the bugs are ironed out especially for the naive non- experienced ones like me!!