Cmdagent.exe using 1.200.000k memory


Cmdagent for the past 2 weeks has randomly started to hog my physical memory and it’s getting annoying now.

I have tried turning off updates and also reinstalling it but it keeps happening, I have avira,superantispyware,spybot and malwarebytes installed and have for a long time with no problems

I don’t want to get rid of comodo so if anyone could help i would appreciate it, thanks.

Does any of the mentioned security programs run together with CIS? Are you using the firewall only or both firewall and AV?

Please see if the solutions in Making other security programs work with CIS (v5) are of help for you or not.

I suspect a vouple of problems, if you have cis running remove avira and don’t use spybot teatimer.

I removed avira and teatime but it still keeps happening.

what else do you have running in realtime? also can you provide a screenshot of the D+ events for us to see.