cmdagent.exe uses a lot of CPU

Hi all just installed comodo the latest version and have a slight problem with it.

when i start my pc up the firwall is fine hardly any cpu usage but after about 15mins the cpu is always at 20% and the casue is cmdagent.exe i know this is part of comodo firewall.

when i close cpf.exe which is the main firwall program the cmdagent.exe which still stays in my task manager goes to 0% cpu it only jumps to 20% when the firewall is enabled.

now if i go to the main GUI of comodo firewall and turn off application monitor cmdagent.exe goes to 0% cpu and if i turn back on application monitor cmdagent.exe goes back up to 20%

is there a bug in this version of the firewall as i might havr to take this off as i have not had anyproblems with my other firewall i wanted this one becasue it was the best but it just seems to eat up to much cpu

i would not care but when the computer first starts up its ok for the first 15min and the only programs i opend was ie7 and internet download acc

so can anyone help is there going to be a fix for this ??? or can anyone tell me whast going on thanks

new here nice to meet you all

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[b]Version 2.4 - cmdagent.exe and High CPU[/b],5499.0.html,5972.0.html,6160.0.html

so this should be fixed in version 3 as there seems to bealot of people with this same problem whe will version 3 be out soon i hope as this is no good for my cpu

Well, if you had actually followed through the above links you’ll see that with Monitor Dll Injections disabled, it works 90% of the time. As for version 3 alpha, I haven’t seen any reports of cmdagent.exe & cpu issues. So far only some Vista users experience cpu issues.

If you want to monitor v3 then look at this:

thanks for that also i was woundering i use nod32 for a viruskiller which i like but what good spy software is good to use i am not to bothered about buying it or a free version but as i have my virus killer and firewall all ok i was woundering what is the best spy software to use and is it work using them in real time or just the 1 week scan ???

thanks all