cmdagent.exe uses 50% CPU

CIS version 3.14.130099.587
Virus Signature Database Version 4626

According to TaskManager, at the moment cmdagent.exe is using 50% CPU and Mem Usage is 17,500k

When I tried to download and use MS Works at the same time cmdagent.exe jumped to 98% and my Netbook froze. This has never happened before and I have had a lot more ‘tasks’ running than I did at that time.
I did an emergency shutdown (press and hold the power button) but a few minutes after restarting cmdagent.exe was at 50% again.
This has happened twice so far and Comodo is not updating when this happens
Anyone else experiencing this

Update: At sometime while I was writing the above cmdagent.exe went back to 0% and Mem Usage is now 680k

All the best, woz of oz

Yeah, the same sometimes happens to me too.

On my Windows 7 Ultimate machine it only uses 7%, so something is more likely ■■■■■■■ with your machines. I have found through personal experience that a high percentage of problems are due to personal problems with a persons system and not just problems arisen through the program. I do hope you are able to remedy your situations. :slight_smile:

Having been away for two weeks I switched on my computer (a 12 year old Athlon system running XP SP2) and saw CIS (still using 3.14, current database is 4660) update as usual. But this time updating (“a few minutes” according to the window text) took three quarters of an hour. Since then, cmdagent has been causing a CPU load of on average 75 to 95%. I remember something like this happening before, some eight months ago I think, when it turned out to be caused by some bug in the latest AV update. It is also possible that CAV for reasons of its own is doing a complete system scan, as every now and then a warning comes up about some program that I am most emphatically not using at all.

All this means that in between two mouse clicks I have time to take a shower and walk the dog. I can’t work under these conditions.

So the following questions come to mind:

  • Is it a bug in one of the recent updates (again), or
  • is CAV scanning the system because it feels like it, without a scan having been scheduled or without a specific request from me? If so, how do I stop it?

Just now the CPU load has returned to normal - after more than five hours.

CIS updates and system load have never been as bad as this before, and I have been a quite satisfied user now for several years. I refuse to believe that it is my system that is causing this, sorry.

Some more info:

About half an hour after I posted the preceding message cmdagent went mad again. The only way to get some work done was to disable CAV. That worked - up to a point. Another half hour and cmdagernt was at it again. Apparently it had decided that disabling the CAV was irrelevant. At the moment CAV is still disabled and cmdagent is causing a 94% CPU load.

I am not very happy about this.

May be it is going haywire over a background process that is running? Can you see if there is another program using the disk or CPU heavily?

The only other thing happening was me trying to play spider solitaire, with one card appearing every two to three seconds. Not much else I could do, really. My resident anti malware was not updating at the time. Anvir reported no other activity.

Please list the anti malware programs you have installed… (Some times disabling isn’t enough)

There is no indexing software that could run in the background like from Nero or Microsoft?

I’m having the same problems and I just reformatted my computer very recently & haven’t installed hardly anything except Comodo. I’ve been looking through the forums for a fix and it sounds exactly like the problem people where having awhile back with the buggy update. I can’t hardly install anything because cmdagent locks up the computer. Whenever I start uTorrent up it does the same thing. I’m about to the point i’m going to have to find another firewall/anti-virus because I can’t get my work done on the computer with this going on.
I also have another issue that “irks” me. Why does cmdagent keep running in the background anyways when I have my program turned off? If I want to shut the program down then it should completely shut down and not keep services running…especially this one that alot of people seem to have problems with.
Has anybody came up with a fix for this issue yet because it’s been days since the problem started?

Oh I use Windows XP pro w/SP2

Hear, hear.

Anti malware: WinPatrol, SuperAntiSpyware. CIS has been functioning without any problems with these programs before, so why not now?

I do not use Nero and on principle always disable MS indexing service.

I have the same problem.
cmdagent.exe starts using 50% or more of the CPU as fast as I start uTorrent.
The only thing to do is to go to the processlist and kill cmdagent.exe. Hopefully it wont spoil the protection…
This started to happen after version 4.

Another thing is that it steals to much CPU power when it runs scheduled scan. It’s like the priority is set to realtime. It never happens when I start manuel scan.
But it’s easely fixed by deleteing the scan from the schedule.

I suggest you have all torrents stopped then start the torrents one by one and check if the CPU usage increases when a certain torrent is started or stopped or paused.

This was the case when I heard about this CPU and uTorrent problem a while ago and deleting the torrent and all data etc fixed the problem.

As for me, all has been good lately so I am none the wiser as to what the problem was.

All the best, woz of oz

I can’t really tell if that fixed it. But it seems like that was the problem what ever it was that made it.
I deleted two torrents yesterday that was ready. Well, it doesen’t go straight up to 50% or more.

I whould think Comodo finds something it can’t scan but tries to scan it again and again and again or it just gets stuck in a silly little loop…

But I do not use a torrent downloader.