CMDAGENT.EXE uses 50 % CPU Time - Defense Log entries found . . .

Hello All!

CMDAGENT.EXE often uses 50 % CPU Time.
The Defense Log contains a lot of entries as shown below:

  • procexpl.exe accesses cmdagent.exe

(please see attachment also).

Processexplorer is an Sysinternals / Microsoft-Tool and it’s market as trusted (see attachment below).

Does anyone have an idea (except uninstall CIS)?

CIS is just updated (last version).

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[attachment deleted by admin]

Sorry you are having this problem.

Process explorer is a ‘deep’ system utility which needs unusual permissions:

You may find that this FAQ helps:

Access memory event logs - how can i suprress these?.

If the CPU problems are not solved, please work through this FAQ:

Solving high CPU problems.

Hope this helps

Best wishes