cmdagent.exe transfers to/from CacheNetworks, Inc.

Hello everybody.

Well, i’ve googled and searched at the forums, but didn´t find a clear answer.

I have a Windows XP Home 32-bit and installed CIS 5.0.163652.1142. All good. But i’ve noticed that cmdagent.exe constantly start to download and/or upload something fom

This IP number belongs to CacheNetworks,Inc: Whois Lookup Captcha

Is that correct? What’s purpose of this transfer?
I have a bandwidth capped connection and don´t want to waste it.

If I want to, is there a way to disable this?

Would be glad if anyone could help me.
Cheers :■■■■

Sorry for my English

Great question!


Firewall > Network Security Policy > Global Rules > Add…

Action: Block
Protocol: TCP or UDP
Direction: In/Out
Description: Blocked

Source Address
Type: Any Address

Destination Address
Type: IPv4 Address Range
Start IP:
End IP:

Source Port
Type: Any

Destination Port
Type: A Single Port
Port: 80

I also would like. :smiley:

A similar question has been asked several weeks ago for another IP address that also belongs to Cache Networks (cachefly).

I sent a pm to Umesh and he confirmed that Cache Network (cachefly) is hosting the updates for Comodo that are related to

OK Eric, but it’s normal even with the Automatically check for program updates option unchecked this will occur

Thank you very much

It also performs ‘cloud’ look-ups, which can be found under Defense+\Defense+ Settings\Execution Control Settings. This will happen If the two boxes are checked, even if D+ is disabled.

If the traffic is for cloud look up it should communicate on ports TCP 4448 UDP 4447. At what port are you seeing the traffic Allan? Port 80 or the Cloud look up ports?

Process: cmdagent.exe
Protocol: TCP
Remote Address:

Remote Port: 80

Are you using the AV?