cmdagent.exe ties up my system at start up

cmdagent hogs the system at start up. Does AV run a full scan at startup and if so can someone tell me where to find the settings to disable it?

I think it runs a memory scan at startup, you can disable it at AV Scanner Settings :slight_smile:

I had that scan disabled alraedy. Any other ideas?

Maybe it’s D+ ? Try disabling it. Reboot and see :slight_smile:

Wow I finally found someone with the same problem as me I think,

Does it just hog everything for about 2-3 mins at every startup.

I’ve had same problem, and it can only be solved by re-installing it then it seems to stop, although it may come back and you have to reinstall again.

I’m not sure what causes this problem, but if it occurs again I will raise the issue so we can find the problem.

Hi Folks !!

I’ve been doing a bit of searching here around the forum and if you search, like, “cmdagent.exe” or “updates slow” even just “updates” you’re likely to come up with alot of hits posted by others with the very same or very similar problems… This isn’t a good thing ya know ??? I just hope that the Comodo folks are working on it. With the Comodo Internet Suite up and running, run a program like PROCESS EXPLORER and check out the huge I/O bytes generated by cmdagent.exe… My PC also dogs to the ROOTS when the AV portion is trying to update. ANd it isn’t my machine either as I have several other progs that need updating on a regular basis and they all do just fine. I really believe in this product that Comodo has and I truly hope that the silence of the powers that be around here and at Comodo itself may mean that they’re working on the situation and may come up with a fix sometime soon here… Hang in there, as this package is pretty hard to beat… Also, I have suggested this pkg. to several others and they’re having the same situation arise and looking at me saying WTF !!! Lol… SOOOoooooooooooo, No, None of ya’s are alone in this situation !!!


I’ve had the same probleme at startup. Last night I noticed that I had 144 untrusted files waiting to be reviewed. I went through those and cleared them out. System speed was restored. Booted this am and cmdagent was using up to 178,000k and bouncing wildly. Just for fun I opened Comodo and memory usage went down and stabilized at around 3,580K. I closed Comodo and as I type it is 524K.
Version 3.10.102363.531

With cmdagent using up to 178 MB you were watching the av database being updated. Nothing unusual for CIS. I do agree it takes a lot of resources while updating the av database.

This is a serious issue with cmdagent.exe. I never want an automatic scan on reboot. Is there an option to turn that off? It is trying to do an update and scan right away. While the computer was turned off, there could not have been anything new brought in to infect the computer…so why do we scan when we reboot? We should only scan at the scheduled times, whatever our schedules are, OR if “On Access” is enabled, then scan each accessed item as you do now.
In all cases the user must have control of it. We need to be able to disable any automatic scans!

I’ve argued this with Symantic and others for years. Back in DOS times, I used to write viruses for these companies to test their scanners…got paid GOOD for it too! :o

Ok, why is this such an issue? My laptops run lots of realtime code, things that really cannot be disrupted. Windows (Vista in this case) internals really take a lot of CPU anyhow, especially their networking, which I must have fully functional at all times.
I’m using a “temporary” poor-man’s fix. I run Process Lasso, which lets me dynamically lower the priority of cmdagent.exe as needed, and boost my real time processes at critical times.
Ain’t Windows fun? 88) In Linux/Unix this would not be an issue.

Does the AV scan on boot? ???

It will automatically update a couple of minutes the desktop was reached that I know for sure and that can be disabled.