cmdagent.exe taking near 90% CPU and 80 mb ram. and pending file list is empty.

like in the title. cmgagent takes near 90% cpu and 80 mb ram.
And i got like 800 files in my pending list, when i open the list it’s empty. and i cant add new things.
I’m on a acer aspire 5535 with amd turion x2 ( rm-72 2.1GHZ processors), 4GB ddr2 ram, ATI radeon HD 3200 and windows vista 32bit

The first thing I would do is run a diagnostics on your CIS installation. Open CIS\Miscellaneous and select diagnostics.

If you’re showing 800 files on the summary screen but nothing appears in the list under D+ it may well be a corrupt installation. Also 80Mb of RAM is seriously wrong. cmdagent on my system uses next to nothing.

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