cmdagent.exe take 90% cpu when not connected to the net

I have the last version and still there is a cpu usage problem >:(.
When i turn on my computer the cpu usage of cmdagent.exe is about 90-100% and i cannot do anything in my computer until i connect to the net.
What can i do about it

Hi Shraga

During this high CPU usage, before you connect to the Net, what is CFP reporting in the Log (Activity tab)?

The is empty
I try now to disconnect from the net for 5 minutes and here is the cpu window :frowning:
As i was connected agaign , every thing was ok
Very strange ???

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Was there anything the firewall logs, was what kail asked. If there was, please right-click in the Logs window and export to html. Then upload a sample of your log here (hide any private IP’s).

I was clear the log before i was disconnect.
The log is empty.

Try disabling Monitor DLL Injections (MDI) in the Application Behavioral Analysis to see if there is a difference.

There is a big difference :slight_smile:
now cmdagent.exe take only 10-17% cpu and only for 20 secondes pulses.
Here is the example picture.

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MDI has been a problem for some including myself since version 2.3. Still, cmdagent.exe should be less than 10% cpu. It must be something else in the Application Behavioral Analysis (ABA), like monitor com/ole.

With these option off, if it fixes the issue you should leave them off for about a week, then turn them back on. My theory is that CFP takes time to learn your system. It worked for me (with a reboot).

Also, is your Component Monitor in Learn or On mode? On uses more cpu.

My Component Monitor is in On mode

When it’s in On mode, CFP is forced to perform certain checks. I don’t remember exactly as I don’t have access to the help file at the moment. That’s why it theoretically consumes more cpu versus Learn mode where components are allowed by default.

I was understand that CFP need to do some checks, but not all the time when was not connected to the net and take 90% cpu.

At this point I can only suggest to register and submit a ticket at: It would also help if you link them to this thread for reference.