cmdagent.exe ramping up committed memory to 3+ GB

Hey, I’m using Comodo Firewall v., and I just noticed cmdagent.exe’s high memory usage. In particular, committed memory just climbs and climbs, and since I keep my computer turned on at all times, I’ve seen it rise to almost 4 GB. It probably gets even higher, since I just noticed this now and I normally keep my computer on without restarting for longer than I have now.

So I guess my question is is this normal? It seems to be hogging a lot of system resources, so is there a way to reduce this load? And why does it just keep climbing? The working memory seems to stay in the 200-250 MB range, so that seems fine.

Not normal. Mine at 34,321 and 4,348 for the protected service of cmdagent on Window 10 x64.

It may be related to having a small pagefile: How to solve Windows 10 low memory errors | ITPro Today: IT News, How-Tos, Trends, Case Studies, Career Tips, More . Can you see what happens when you set pagefile size to system managed?

Hmm, it’s already set to system managed, so I guess it’s not that which is causing the issue. Any other suggestions?

portrayalofsin, could you make dmp file with cmdagent.exe when it consumes a lot of memory and share it by PM?

How do I do that? I’ve tried doing it in Task Manager (right-click and “Create dump file”), but the files made are all 0 KB, so I’m guessing something went wrong. It’s consuming more than 700 MB working memory (and 1.8 GB in committed) at this point, too.

You need to use KillSwitch to make dmp file. It won’t work with Windows Task Manager.

It will work only if you disable HIPS when you do it, otherwise it is HIPS blocking task manger from accessing CIS processes in memory due to the self-protection mechanism. Or you can use killswitch as suggest by ErichJH.

Hmm, so I made the .dmp file, but its size is 877 MB. Can’t really share that then, I’m guessing.

Do you have any other suggestions that I could try without you seeing the .dmp file? I uninstalled and reinstalled Comodo earlier, but the same thing is still happening.

Igorb, do you need a full or mini dump?

portrayalofsin. First step is to zip the file. That usually reduces the size considerably. Then upload it to an online service and share the download url with igor. You can password protect the zip file.

do you need a full or mini dump?

dmp of cmdagent.exe will be enough.

portrayalofsin, please check your PM

KillSwitch gives the option minidump and full dump. Hence why I asked. I assume you mean the mini dump.

Are there any privacy or safety concerns with sharing dump files?

I would not share them publicly for starters; only share with Comodo Staff.

Mini dump files are not holding privacy sensitive information: windows - Is it safe to publicly share Minidump files? - Super User . A full dump contains the complete content of memory at the time of the crash so I think there may be privacy sensitive information that gets sent. Like what websites were open in browsers f.e…