cmdagent.exe prevents disk to sleep/spin down.

I have an external USB hdd which is running nightly backups. Lately I noticed the S.M.A.R.T. system warned med of high temperature and I noticed that the disk is never spin down.

So, I started Process Monitor (procmon) and noticed that every 5 seconds cmdagent.exe is issuing the following requests on the root path of my drive:

If I remember correctly I hadn’t this issue some months ago (tried uninstalling Comodo but then I could not get any inbound such as rdp sessions etc. to work for some weird reason so I had to re-install Comodo).

Any tips of how I can get comodo firewall to stop querying my usb hdd?

With respect to the seemingly incorrect behavior of cmdagent.exe querying drive every 5 seconds, drive seem to spindown properly if I connect it via esata instead of usb (however the CreateFile etc. according to procmon are still querying, even though drive is not spinning).

With the queries by cmdagent.exe being the constant factor and the hd interface making the difference I think the problem is with the USB connection of or to the external hd.

A have the same problem, only my disk(s) is(are) connected to SATA.
I have a SSD with Windows installed on it, and a (noisy!!) HDD, so I wish the later to spin down when unused. Unfortunately cmdagent accesses the HDD every 5 seconds, in a way described in previous post, preventing it from turning off.

Any help appreciated!

I’m just throwing this out there: but hardware monitoring untiliy, e.g. SpeedFan, will keep polling unless you disable it in your hardware monitoring config.

E.g., I’ve implemented SpeedFan v4.44 and have to uncheck the HDD that I want to spin down.