Cmdagent.exe phones home

Running CIS with only firewall installed, version 3.5.55810.432 , Windows XPx32.

Firewall set at Custom Policy Mode, Alert level very high. In settins–>Update, all 3 boxes are unchecked. Also in Network Security policy, the Comodo default rule is removed.

The firewall shouldn’t ask for outgoing connection, but it does (randomly).

Please Provide more information like system details, other Security Software. This is needed for a proper bug report so developers can analyze threads in the Forum more effectively & quickly.


I run Win XP SP3 32bit, dual core Athlon 939.

List of startup programs.

(Basically the security apps are Twister AV, WinPatrol and RegProt).

This usually happens after reboot. After a few minutes. I tried it with clean installation too, but it persisted.

EDIT. I hadn’t bothered to trace the IP, i thought it was the usual one at London HQ. Instead, this is a Verisign domain IP. Still, why does it want to connect?

3xist, didn’t you say on another thread that AV updates couldn’t be disabled?

Yep. It can’t be disabled, And there is a good reason - The AV gets so much signatures updated to everyone’s PC it’s growing more then 4,000 a day.


CIS connects to Comodo, Verisign, Microsoft and other in order to verify a certificate. It depends on which CA owns root certificate. If you block those connections CIS may assume some signed application unknown intead of trusted

Good to see it is growing rapidly.

[curiosity mode]Could you guys at one point give us a report of the state of where things are with the AV? Behind the screens there is proabably a lot of hard work going on to make the submitting infrastructure, people working on heuristic analysis and info on the virus data base its self[/curiosity mode]

Check your PM’s.