cmdagent.exe - outbound connection

Hello everybody,

I have one question. Since I updated to V5 cmdagent.exe tries to build up an outbound connection. I used my old settings and disabled automatic updates Trust web or Comodo Message Center.
So, don´t get me wrong, I trust my own firewall, but I am just interested in understanding what it is doing.

Thx for your help

It is probably the cloud look up. Ronny rounded up the following information about the look up process:

UDP 4447 is FLS server SHA1 lookup if UDP is unavailable/reliable they fall-back to TCP 4448 for FLS SHA1 lookup

Servers are running in the IP space of DNS name

Hope that answers your question.

thank you very much.
Is there an possibility to disable that service?

Hope I,m not jumping on Erics toes answering here. I don’t necessarily recommend it, but I’ve found to disable cloud lookup. Go to Defense+, defense+ settings, execution control settings and untick both perform cloud based behavior analysts of unrecognized files and automatically scan of unrecognized files in the cloud. Also go to Antivirus, scanner settings, manual and scheduled scanning, untick enable cloud lookup in both manual and scheduled scanning settings. Hope this helps. Kind regards

Hello Captainsticks,

thanks for explaining…you both helped me a lot.

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Thanks, was looking for that as well…