cmdagent.exe off does the firewall work?

i have a stupid question
i disabled the service cmdagent.exe
and i run only the cf.exe , the program of comodo

and the firewall seems to work , block program , allow in short it seems to work great

can i use comodo without the service? what the service does?


Why on earth did you do that. cfp.exe is related to the GUI. cmdagent.exe is part of the firewall its self and D+. TURN IT ON.

but comodo work without too

Have you tried a leak test. It will not be effective. Why do you want it off. Comodo rums very light. You will not have the HIPS protection.

cmdagent.exe is related to hips???

Hips is a nightmare , pops up every time i run a program :frowning:

because i have issue with threatfire :frowning:

does comodo 2 or comodo 3 only with leak protection have this service "cmdagent.exe " too?

Stop posting the same thing in Wilders for one. D+ is NOT a nightmare. Until all programs are learned you will get alerts the after that no more. Simply use training mode for a week. Read the help file to better understand. You can also manually add your files.

You don’t need TF. I use Comodo and AVira Premium and they work fine.

but threatfire did shield my backside many times
i don’t want to leave it (:SAD)

well my config is nod32 , threatfire and now comodo
why should i use avira , i bought nod

I never said dump NOD32. I said TF. Layered security isn’t the best protection. Using a good firewall with HIPS and a good av is. If you want extra protection then just sandbox your browser. TF and D+ are doing the same thing so you aren’t gaining anything.

yes but threafire save me many times
i read lot of uses that say the Hips in comodo is not yet perfect

does comodo 2 or 3+leak have this service cmdagent.exe

Well I suggest you take a better look at your browsing behaviors if you need to actually be saved by a security program. I have never been infected with anything in over 5 years. Smart browsing can be better then any security software out there. I use Comodo and Avira cause I like them and feel secure having them by my side. So if D+ isnt perfected then how come Comodo is rated the #1 firewall everywhere you look.

Stop listening to all the crazy’s at Wilders who think running 5 different security programs at once will protect you better.I was talking to the CEO of Avira and he even says you only need a firewall and av in real time mode. Why do you think all security suites come as a firewall and av combined.